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Design and Installation of Industrial Mounting
(Equipment and Accessories)

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with more than
30 years of experience

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At INOXPETROL S.A.S. we offer engineering, construction, and installation services, affordable and high-quality.

Our Services

Industrial Assembly Fabrication (Equipment and Accessories), Stainless steel and carbon steel piping assembly, Repairs and modifications of all types of tanks and equipment, Supply of qualified operators with or without tools.
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Our Resources

In our main facility, we have a work area for 1.800 M2. In case, the customer needs a large capacity at Inoxpetrol S.A.S. we can provide additional locations ready to supply the space requirements.
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Experience in Different Sector

We had the opportunity to work with well-known companies and show the excellence of our work by building and installing assemblies for different companies such as pharmaceuticals, beer companies, dairy and derivatives, chemical and petrochemical industries.
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Provide engineering services for the fabrication and installation of metal structures according to security codes and international regulations, as well as, the Good Practices of Engineering (GEP). As a company, we integrated innovative technologies for the build and assembly of stainless steel, carbon steel and other non-ferrous structures.

We complete all the development process in a controlled environment where the products and services offered are the result of our high commitment as a human team and as a company, based on our principles of social responsibility, as well as technical, environmental and economic values.


Positioning INOXPETROL S.A.S. as the leader of the metal-mechanic industry market by the incorporation of local and international technologies which allow us maximize the properties of stainless steel, carbon steel, and related materials, during the fabrication process of equipment, pipeline system and other customized solutions required for our customers. At the same time, we are willing to offer your company competitive prices according to the market without impact our high standards of quality and services.